Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Nestled in the middle of an established business and industrial district, the GTVC Walk in Petaling Jaya Section 13 stands out in contrast to the nondescript structures around it. The walk’s continuous slope downwards follows the natural gradient of the site, users are guaranteed a varied experience while walking down the path. With low growing foliage flanking the entire left side as on walks in and large trees enclosing above, the walkway is a picturesque passageway. Complimented by the gentle breeze and running rhythm of flowing water, one’s mind is brought out of the city just for a moment in time. Even birds make their home among the trees, having loquacious conversation amongst each other at dawning of the sun and dusk of the day. And for the patrons, the trees filter out the harsh tropical sun rays with their network of leaves. The most beautiful and exciting portion is that this walkway is alive, always changing in the years to come and growing with the future generation.