Courtyard and Roof House


Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The brief called for a new home that would cater to the needs of a young family that entertains frequently and spends a lot of time outdoors by their pool. In addition they had a specific requirement for all their living spaces and bedrooms to be located at the west-end of the building.

The site is a large rectangular suburban lot stretching east to west with road access from the east and south. The house plan was conceived as a series of six meter deep spaces around a central forested courtyard that would provide a central focus as well as natural day-lighting and cross ventilation to the entire house. The walls around the courtyard can all slide away to create a large continuous open space that stretches the entire length of the site from the east to the west end. A sculpture courtyard with a rough stone feature wall holds the east end whilst the west end is anchored by the large swimming pool and water cascade feature wall. These two features help to stretch the visual impact of all the internal house spaces especially when they are lit at night.