Armanee Terrace Marketing Complex


Location: Damansara Perdana, Selangor

The site, a small flat platform on the slopes of Bukit Lanjan in Kuala Lumpur was selected because of the high visibility from the adjacent highways. The owners required a building to manage and promote a new concept for double storey living in a tropical resort environment. The design concept was simply to construct a simple rectangular shoe box and to fill it with treasures to create a jewel box. Drawing upon the iconic Hollywood sign, the jewel box functions as a three dimensional signage on the slopes of the hill in a similarly dramatic fashion. The marketing complex is created from a linking together of two main components, the Marketing Office and the ‘shoe box’ containing the Show Units. The central interface space in the “show box” is filled-in with an open courtyard incorporating the essential components which are the embodiment of the Armanee Concept, namely natural ventilation, water features, lily pond, sculptural landscaping, handicraft and piped music. Sight, smell and sound were each addressed in the design concept.