55AC Office


Location: Subang Jaya, Selangor

The project involved upgrading and renovation works to rejuvenate a late 1970’s 3 storey shop house located in the SS15 Subang Jaya Town Centre. The brief was to re-cycle the building structure and rehabilitate the building to house the new offices for ArchiCentre. The building has had many varied uses over its life span and has weathered poorly. The original housing component on the second floor of the 22 ft X 80 ft module was gutted and re-roofed over to accommodate its new use. Cost was a major consideration and where possible recycling and re-use was preferred. Primary design objectives included the wish to rehabilitate an old neighbourhood, reduce ecological impact and push the green building typology. The resultant product is a showcase of vertical sun-shading lines, shadows and recycled structure. The entire ground floor façade disappears as light streams into the ground floor meeting rooms and enable the occupants to function with natural day-lighting.